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Blog rumors : May need to view with skepticism

November 18, 2006

Wow. All day long I’m reading that MyBlogLog was acquired by Yahoo – for $10 million at that. Scoble reports tonight that blog rumors are dangerous stuff, evidence being that the MyBlogLog acquisition is not true.

I know I’m naive. But until now, I’ve believed most things posted on blogs. Now that may be that I am reading a mix of legal industry and tech, PR, marketing, and new media blogs. The legal industry, being pretty conservative, is going to err on the side of being correct before being fast.

But Scoble, assuming this is what he has truly found, views blog news with a lot more skepticism.

Lately I’ve been telling people that I start out very skeptical about what I read in blogs and my skepticism goes down after 24-hours. I find that if something untrue is reported on blogs that the company usually lets the blogosphere know (and they should!)

But, if something is true? They stay quiet.

One other thing? Never expect bloggers to do fact checking or original reporting. Even me. But if a blog survives 24-hours without anyone refuting the facts? That’s when rumors turn to belief.

By the way, MyBlogLog is a pretty cool and something that had peaked my interest. It’s a tool that allows communities to form around a blog by displaying bloggers that had visited a blog and wrote about it on their own blog.

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