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Large law firm decision makers reading blogs

A Chief Marketing Officer in a large law firm recently chided me that no one in her firm read blogs. Appears to be unfounded based on the experience of Attorney Bruce MacEwen, publisher of blog Adam Smith, Esq., named after the famous 17th Century Scottish philosopher and economist.

Per a story today in Canada’s Law Times, MacEwen, who uses the blog to help build his legal consulting practice, is getting 250,000 page views a month from a prime audience.

His readers aren’t just distracted associates or sole practitioners seeking advice on how to keep abreast of a fast-changing legal profession. They’re the crème de la crème of the legal community.

A recent readership survey found that 60 per cent of the readers of MacEwen’s blog come from AmLaw 200 firms and 30 per cent are from the AmLaw top 50. While 30 per cent comprise associates, 21 per cent are partners.

Just because you are unfamiliar with blogs, do not assume that your firm’s lawyers or sophisticated clients are unfamiliar with blogs. In addition to Bruce’s findings, a recent survey found 21% of senior executives read business blogs at least once a week.