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Online advertising revenues up 45%, offline media ad revenues slide

Article in London’s Sunday Telegraph about the online advertising boom, while offline ad revenues continue to slide.

For 2006 in the UK:

  • TV advertising spending will be down 7 per cent.
  • National newspaper advertising will fall by 3 per cent.
  • Regional papers will sink by 6 per cent.
  • Digital media advertising revenues will be up 45 per cent – higher this year than last.

What’s the significance of this for professional firms considering blogging as a marketing tool? That advertisers are worth following. They are spending huge dollars and follow where they are getting a return on spending.

Ad dollars moving online and away from traditional media tells you to consider a shift in your marketing dollars and effort. If you are not working towards an effective online presence, you’re missing the boat.

Source for post: Justin Patten

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