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13 methods of law firm marketing offering lower ROI than blogs

November 12, 2006

Reading today’s San Diego Business Journal article on the high expense of law firm marketing I counted 13 ways law firms spend their marketing dollars.

  1. Lavish 6 figure parties.
  2. Hosting seminars.
  3. Pitching the news media.
  4. Web site development and maintenance.
  5. Newsletters and mailings.
  6. Creating brochures.
  7. Holding client events.
  8. Editing and publishing newsletters.
  9. Direct mail and e-mail blasts.
  10. Print publications advertising.
  11. Radio advertising.
  12. Online directories.
  13. Sponsorship of conferences and events.

Talk to some of LexBlog’s large law firm clients and they’ll tell you the ROI on their blogs is higher than these 13.

Attorney Kraig Baker of Davis Wright Tremaine, responding to skeptics at a Legal Marketing Association seminar, said the ROI on the firm’s Privacy & Security Law Blog was huge. Dave Bowerman, a business development director at Preston Gates & Ellis, laughs when he hears law firm marketing professionals still question the return on blogs. He’s told me more than once the ROI from their Electronic Discovery Law Blog is far higher than seminars, sponsorships and the like.

Law firms, per the article, are spending 2.4 percent of gross revenues on marketing. Seems misguided not to experiment with at least one blog.