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Top 10 Uses for RSS in law firms

Sitting on a panel with Steve Matthews on Thursday reminded me I never shared his top 10 uses for RSS in law firms. This post brought incredible attention and traffic Steve’s way.

It’s worth reading the whole post. Here’s just a bulleted list.

  1. Current Awareness – Surfing your favourite websites, newspapers & blogs is a waste of time.
  2. RSS for Firm Marketing – From blogs, to press releases, to firm newsletters and publications.
  3. Vanity Feeds – Every time one of your lawyers, or the firm, gets mentioned in the news media or blogosphere, someone should be notified by RSS.
  4. Internal Research Collections – Your library catalogue should offer an RSS feed for newly added materials that match your Lawyer’s research interests.
  5. Client Press – RSS feed monitoring to stay abreast of their latest products, disputes, and business initiatives.
  6. Feeding on Marketing Content for KM.
  7. Case Law & Legislative Changes – The importance of RSS notification for new & changing legislation cannot be underestimated.
  8. Aggregated Tagging – Your lawyers can tag with a tool like or Furl for sharing among the lawyers in the firm.
  9. RSS Republishing – RSS helps to move web content to where it needs to be.
  10. Feed Mixing & Filtering for Subject Collections – Create, remix and filter groups of feeds for different subjects.

Great list Steve. And again, read the whole post, Steve’s details on each post are excellent.

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