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Legal Blogs : California proposed ethics rules will not impact

California Attorney Kimberly Kralowec, publisher of the The UCL Practitioner, believes

California lawyers have nothing to fear on this whole ethics and lawyer blogs debate.

Fortunately, I have nothing to fear from the California State Bar (even with the proposed amendments (pdf) to the Rules of Professional Conduct). It’s too bad the regulators in these other states don’t understand what law blogs are or the purposes they serve.

Spot on Kimberly about other states not understanding law blogs. My guess is the regulators wouldn’t know a good lawyer blog if it hit them in the face. And they sure as heck don’t understand that lawyers publishing blogs are improving the image of our profession more than anything the regulators have done in the last quarter century.

The ironic thing is that state ethics rules regulators trying to pass rules to improve the image of lawyers are causing further disdain of the legal profession when people read about regulators clamping down on lawyers who are sharing helpful legal information on their blogs.

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