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Blogs more trusted than email marketing and TV ads

Reuters from London reports on an Ipsos MORI poll finding in Europe that blogs are a more trusted source of information than e-mail marketing or TV advertising, though still lagging sightly behind newspapers.

Ipsos MORI found a direct link between blogs, or user-generated content, and people’s intentions to buy goods or services.

Any company that fails to come up to standard should beware. The blog is replacing word of mouth for endorsing or condemning a product or service.

Gareth Deere, head of technology research at Ipsos MORI, agrees with with what I am telling folks all the time.

We all trust people’s opinion in the real world. Now we’ve proven the same link online, and it’s having a major impact on people’s buying behaviour.

‘Word of mouth is no longer restricted to close friends and family, it can have the same level of influence upon millions of people across the world.

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