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Google to sells ads for newspaper print editions

paidContent reports Google will be selling ads for newspapers.

What it couldn’t do that well for magazines, Google is now trying for newspapers, and with some retooling of the original effort: it is going to start selling ads that will appear in the print editions of 50 major newspapers in U.S., among them Gannett, Tribune, NYT, WaPo and Heart, in a three month test, reports NYT.

Google will auction off space online, with 100 advertisers participating later this month. The program will allow advertisers to pick specific newspapers and specific sections within these that the newspapers are opening up for this.

It behooves those using advertising to draw business, whether they be law firms or other companies, to learn as much as they can about advertising with Google. Google is going to one of the largest adverting mediums, and perhaps the most important for you.

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