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Traditional journalism skills important in online media

Rich Gordon, a journalism prof at Northwestern, says traditional journalism skills are most important in online newsrooms.

The most important skills/qualities in online newsrooms are not related to technology or the Web. They are things like attention to detail, news judgment, grammar and style, multitasking skills, communication skills and ability to work under time pressure.

Good news since my son, Colin, who headed up client services for LexBlog this summer, is a sophomore journalism student at the University of Montana.

Law degree, and perhaps some past lawyering, is a good fit for online media as well. A focus on detail, judgement, grammar, multitasking, communications and working under deadline are all traits a good lawyer will have picked up along the way. Maybe the reason for the growth in lawyer blogs?

By the way, I picked this up at Poynteronline, a wonderful resource for online journalists, as well as wannabes like me.

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