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Survey: One in five firms publishes a blog

October 9, 2006

Just picked up from Bob Ambrogi tonight that one in five law firms publishes a blog. This per a survey of Law Firm E-Marketing Practices, published by the Primary Research Group.

Per Bob, the report further found that firms with 20 or more practice groups were the most likely to publish blogs, with nearly 40 percent of such firms having them.

40 law firms with a mean size of 211 lawyers were included in the survey.

I don’t know whether I buy these numbers. I talk to a lot of large law firms about blogs. Though not having the time to survey the landscape perfectly I just don’t see the number at 20% yet.

But I have not read the survey. And with it costing $300, I probably will not unless one of you sends me a copy.

I have asked Bob by email what he thinks of the number. Do you guys buy it?

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