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Blogs for networking reaches the heartland

Blogs for networking have reached the heartland per a nice article by Matt McNabb of the Hutchinson (Kansas) News.

Through the Internet, a Hutchinson man is able to continue writing columns and has given area residents a forum to comment on local happenings.

A woman in Ellsworth tells people about happenings in her home city and county, shares news stories she finds interesting and provides updates on the health of her son.

And a married Hesston couple tell tales of life in the country and recently has started writing about the wonders of being new parents.

The four are a fraction of the countless people in the region who keep blogs – short for Web logs – detailing daily life, sharing thoughts and opinions and reposting news stories from across the state, country or globe.

Social networking with people on the net is going to be much easier for lawyers and other people in professional services businesses than it’s been offline. Opportunities to be yourself, speak with others and help where you can online are closer than you think.

As one person in the article put it, “An online community might not be able to replace a local community. But in some ways it comes pretty close.”

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