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Over half of MySpace users are over age 35

October 5, 2006

Never would have guessed 51.6 of MySpace users are over age 35. This per a comScore report and confirmed by GigaOm, my source for this post.

In addition, the 35+ segment is increasing, having been under 40 percent a year ago. Fox Interactive spokesperson Ann Burkart explained to Gigom, “…As MySpace expands it is becoming more representative of the population as a whole.”

I do not have a MySpace account. But I’m smart enough to start asking questions about what MySpace is all about. My gut feel is that MySpace is, if it is not already, going to become a prime social networking place for business people.

Think I’m nuts? I think there’s a far better chance my 5 teenagers are going to network at MySpace as they get older than at Rotary, Kiwanis, or a country club.

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