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Write for Individuals, not the masses

I often get carried away thinking I am writing a blog for the masses. In fact, I really just want to speak with you about ideas and insight on the creation and effective use of a marketing blog.

Darren Rowse’s post ‘Do you write for Individuals or the Masses?‘ reminded me what’s most important. Darren advises resisting the temptation of blogging for the crowd and focus on the individual.

  • Personalise your writing
  • Use ‘you’ language (it’s much more engaging and personal)
  • Tell stories (especially personal relatable ones)
  • Show photos (include some of yourself from time to time – it gives your blog a more personal touch)
  • Use singular language (make the person reading your blog feel like they have your complete focus)
  • Pretend you’re having a conversation with one person rather than giving a speech
  • Keep a level of informality
  • Make it accessible by using everyday words (don’t use big words to impress – write words that people use in everyday language)
  • Respond to individuals (in comments respond to individual comments, send emails to readers).

It’s my style to challenge concepts I don’t agree with. I also will provide quick takes on things I read. Expect that to continue. But I’ll try and do a few things Darren mentions to improve my relationship with you. Let me know how I’m doing.

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