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New list of small business blogs highlights blog successes

September 24, 2006

Brian Brown, publisher of Pajama Market and a business blog consultant, has a new list of more than 80 small businesses who are blogging about their company or industry. In addition he’s got 40 interviews of bloggers covering their stories.

In a press release today Brian speaks of small business blog successes:

  • Companies are picking up clients.
  • Some companies are getting all of their business from their blog.
  • Blogs are often credited with a sharp rise in search engine rankings and greater links from other websites.
  • Blogs are creating a lasting relationship with customers, an important factor in gaining trust and producing sales.
  • The comment feature of blogs creates a conversation rather than a one-way lecture.

Brian also shares some blogging tips based on his interviews:

  • Write a post at least three times a week. The absence of activity indicates to readers that you are not committed to them.
  • Use the comment feature. Some blogs turn the comments off, but this is a big mistake.
  • Provide an easy navigation.
  • No ‘cute’ headlines. You want headlines that tell the reader what the post is about with as few words as possible… like a newspaper.
  • Add photos. Other than the headline, a photo will get visitors to read a post more than anything else.

BTW my friend Dennis Kennedy, a legal technology blogger, was recently interviewed by Brian.

And you can buy what Brian says. He’s from Janesville, Wisconsin, just down I-90 from my home town of La Crosse. And all the good stuff comes from the Midwest. ;)

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