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What’s the secret of successful law firm marketing?

September 22, 2006

A robust presence on the Internet and other focused e-marketing initiatives according to a press release on an industry survey from business analysts IBISWorld.

The in-depth report surveyed more than 700 industries and more than 8,000 U.S. companies and will be highlighted at next week’s conference of the Los Angeles Legal Marketing Association.

IBISWorld forecasts that the U.S. legal profession will see a revenue increase of 18.2%, to $265.66 billion per year, or 3.4 percent per annum, between now and 2010. Over the forecast period, IBISWorld says that industry revenue will be influenced by economic growth, investment activity, business confidence, technological innovation and changes in laws and regulations. Legal professionals will continue to outperform other providers of professional services and the wider U.S. economy, IBISWorld says.

For 2006, IBISWorld forecasts industry revenue growth of 3.3 percent, to $232.23 billion.

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