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Blonde attorney gets new clients at MySpace

September 22, 2006

This is cool (even if I sound like a male chauvinist). Five days after Attorney Anicia Ogonosky started legallyblondepa at MySpace, 10 people had filled out the online bankruptcy consultation form.

Though she’s all business, down to the dark suit in court, David Conti of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review writes:

Her MySpace page — legallyblondepa — shows a brighter side. Beside the smiling photo of her in a strapless top and information on her body type, dating status and zodiac sign (Taurus), Web surfers will find answers to questions about bankruptcy and links to a free legal consultation.

‘I think prospective clients need to see you’re a real person, not just a lawyer in a suit,’ Ogonosky, 33, of Monroeville, said of creating the site with her fiance, Shane Gau. ‘It was about being real.’…..’I wanted to target people in their 20s who use MySpace and have come out of college with so much debt they can’t make it,’ she said. ‘You have to do something to reach them.’

And Ogonosky doesn’t stop at MySpace. On local blogs, Conti reports she runs banner ads featuring her photo with dark shades and pursed her lips with the phrase ‘leave your worries to me.’

Though it sounds like she’s leading with sex, Ogonosky explained to Conti “…[I]t’s not about the site’s eye-catching pictures or name, I just thought ‘legallyblonde’ was cute, like the movie. There was nothing sexy about the movie. People appreciate honesty and being real in this business. They get afraid of the scary lawyers in dark suits.”

A lot to be learned here. Be real and transparent on the net. You may find people will relate to you more than others in your profession. If people can relate to you, you’re the professional of choice when the need arises.

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