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Blogs to empower Africans

September 22, 2006

Nicolas van der Leek has some interesting observations on how the Internet and blogs may empower Africans.

Nicolas writes that Africa is fraught with problems and that Internet usage pales in comparison to rest of the world.

But blogs represent a way for Africa — this most misunderstood place — to be heard directly. Now Africans can speak to the world directly and tell each other and outsiders what is happening, and how the world can assist or understand what is happening. For the first time we may see light coming to the dark continent — through the Internet and blogs……It’s potentially the beginning of a new era in Africa. Blogs in Africa can play an important role in communicating corruption, incidence of disease (including H5N1), and investment opportunities. Poverty and human rights can also be addressed more directly……Blogging is about having your own space on the Internet. It’s about individuals expressing themselves, and in the end, it’s fair to suggest that the unarticulated dream of blogging is for the world — for each person in the world — to have a voice.

Most bloggers understand how blogs empower them. They understand the difference we can make, one blogger at a time.

No, most of us are not going to drive social change in Africa. But what about blogging to share information with people in your target audience? That’s making a difference. What about blogging to grow your business so you can do more for your family and the charities you support. That’s making a difference.

Use stories like this one from Africa to inspire you. They do me.

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