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Blog networks growing to attract ad dollars

September 22, 2006

Blog networks are expanding in order to attract ad dollars per a post at MediaBuyerPlanner.

  • John Battelle’s Federated Media recently added a new automotive category and some 20 assorted blogs, including Guy Kawasaki’s, boosting the blog network’s monthly impressions to ‘hundreds of millions.’
  • AdBrite is also growing quickly, having recently added the 20,000th site to its network.
  • Henry Copeland’s BlogAds network wants to expand the stable of blogs available to advertisers, and also increase the number of ‘mini-networks,’ blogs segmented by topic, such as football or politics.

Understand, we’re not talking of ads on a a site displaying an aggregation of content from the blogs but ads being placed on individual blogs in the network. The networks offer bloggers an effective way to sell ad space beyond the easy to administer Google AdSense ads. In addition the audience demographics may be better understood, resulting in more targeted advertising at higher prices.

It will be interesting to see which tier A blogs join the networks and if ‘mini networks’ for niches can draw enough ad dollars to support the network’s costs.

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