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Exhibitionism driving internet marketing via blogs

Washington Post’s Robert J. Samuelson has an interesting op-ed piece entitled ‘A Web of Exhibitionists.’

His point that the Internet has unleashed the greatest outburst of mass exhibitionism in human history is well taken when it comes to Internet marketing. LexBlog’s success is the result of empowering people to tap into their passion so as to showcase their skill to their target audience and network with others.

Though Samuelson focuses on sensational examples of blogging, he raises some interesting points that apply to marketing via blogs:

  • People seem to crave popularity or celebrity more than they fear the loss of privacy.
  • Half of the 12 million American adult who blog (8 percent of Internet users) say they’re mainly interested in expressing themselves ‘creatively.’
  • Blogs and ‘social networking’ sites, to a point, represent new forms of electronic schmoozing.

In many cases, lawyers and other professionals chose their profession because of a passion to work in a particular field. This passion often goes untapped for years, in some cases decades. Given the opportunity to express themselves via blogs, professionals are going for it.

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