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Legal blogs : How many are there?

September 14, 2006

Bob Ambrogi and Tom Mighell posted yesterday on how many legal blogs are there.

After spending a few hours with a spreadsheet, Bob had at least 1,000, and guesses there may be upwards of 2,000.

Tom says he’s been interested in this question for a while, but hasn’t had the time to publish his stats. Tom does know that he’s mentioned over 1,000 law blogs in his regular featured blog of the day. His guess is the number is well over 1,500.

When contacted by the media, my estimate is around 2,000 with a few more coming on each day. Of that number, less than half can be expected to generate legal work. For those blogging for the fun of it, that’s okay. For lawyers looking to further enhance their reputations and grow their business by blogging, they should make sure they’re doing what it takes.