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Google and Intuit partnership a coup for small business marketing

Per TechCrunch, Google and Intuit announced a partnership today where Google’s marketing services will be built directly into Intuit’s QuickBooks. Small business users will be able to list themselves on Google Maps, create and manage advertising campaign with Adwords and post listings on Google Base directly from Quicken.

From Google’s Eric Schmidt:

Less than half of Quickbooks businesses have an online presence. This will help them get online. Businesses will be able to create an adwords account using pre-filled information from Quickbooks. If the business doesn’t have a website Google will create a notecard page for them. All businesses will be given a $50 credit to start. Google will also create a business listing for businesses for search on and Google Maps.

With businesses being able to drop ads into Google at the drop of a hat, I’m agreement with Rob Hyndman that it’s another mortal blow to the yellow pages.

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