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Mint: A web stats package winner

Shaun Inman, blogging on the one year anniversary of the launch of his web stats package, Mint, said it all:

In the weeks following launch I discovered that I had severely underestimated the demand for a well-designed, focused, extensible stats package that runs on your own server and is immune to referrer spam.

LexBlog has switched to Mint for it’s network of client blogs. Easy to read interface. Only counts actual sessions as opposed to spiders. No referrer spam. What’s not to love?

We’ll install Google Analytics in addition to Mint for clients who ask. But Mint gives blog publishers focused on enhancing their reputation and growing their business everything they need and more. You don’t need the granular info that those running a sophisticated Google AdWords campaign, e-commerce business or an AdSense campaign may desire.

Though meant to be a small source of reoccurring income, Shaun says “Mint has been a competent source of income for a household of two for the larger part of the past year.” Way to go. Guys like Shaun who put it all on the line by leaving secure employment to develop a valuable and needed solution deserve the just rewards.

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