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RSS explained in American Sign Language

September 5, 2006

Jon-Lenois Savage has posted a two-minute explanation of RSS for deaf people in his blog post What’s RSS? on his video blog Jon’s Vlog.

It’s good stuff. This from CleverClogs:

Now isn’t this ironic: usually we’re being told to make an effort so that deaf people are not excluded from conversations between hearing people, but with Jon’s ASL video about RSS it’s the other way around: it’s clear Jon is extremely proficient in ASL and this time it would be nice if we, ‘the hearing’, could get subtitles…’

Having a deaf sister I’m always a proponent for those making things easier for deaf people to communicate. The Internet has been a great equalizer. I used to think it unique to keying out conversations on a TTY. Now we use IM all the time.

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