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Asian law blog community beginning

September 5, 2006

Dan Harris, whose firm publishes the China Law Blog, says the two of the folks from the Asia Business Law Blog (Christopher Cassidy and Travis Hodgkins), along with two others, have started a new legal blog on Transnational law. Called the Transnational Law Blog, this blog will address legal issues that transcend national frontiers. 

There’s a half dozen or more Asian law blogs listed in the blogroll at Dan Hull’s What About Clients?

Bet you dollar to doughnuts there’s going to be open discussion between these blogs and other law blogs focused on aspects of Asian commerce and law.

This type of social networking takes place via the open Internet. You need not have an ‘established community’ for effective networking and collaboration. Just start a blog, put your RSS feed aggregator to work and learn what’s it all about.

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