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River of news : Application in streaming legal news and information?

Dave Winer’s ‘river of news’ activity has created a heck of a buzz the last week. Dave says he’s not not been so excited or so sure about a new direction for mobile technology since podcasting in June 2004.

I briefly discussed with LexBlog’s IT director what it was and the impact it may have for streaming legal information from law firms. Then this from Denise Howell.

If I were still at a law firm, trying to build readership for things like newsletters (or things like blogs! to the extent they’ve penetrated there), I’d be excited about Dave’s recent news river activities for all the reasons Amyloo is.

Okay Denise, want to add another new gig? We could use an advisory board member with your insight, passion and drive. Just an advisory role without the liability of a board of director’s seat. In addition, because of demand, LexBlog is getting into other verticals than the law and into more services/products than a turnkey blog solution. What do you think?

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