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Recruiting a pro blogger for your business

Good timing Tris in your post about what it takes to recruit a pro blogger for your company blog. LexBlog is getting requests from new clients for experienced bloggers who can help publish content to the client’s blog.

From Triss, here’s four key factors:

  • Flexibility.  Don’t mandate on a schedule. Let your bloggers post their quota (3-5 posts a week is standard) over the course of the week.
  • Editorial control.  Within guidelines, just let your blogger write. Don’t review posts before their posted. It chills the blogger and a post a day late might lose the punch you were looking for.
  • Buy in from the company and company bloggers.  The idea for hiring a pro blogger is to kick-start your blog. It’s meant to let you see how a pro does it. If you’re serious about blogging, then people in your company should start blogging too.
  • Be open. Do not pretend that that the blogger works for the company. Think of your pro blogger as a freelance writer.  Someone supplying great content for your blog, not a faux company insider.

Tris Hussey is a professional blogger and blog consultant, product Manager for Qumana Software and a partner in One By One Media LLC.

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