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Howell publishing at ZDnet

August 25, 2006

The legal community wasn’t able to keep Denise Howell down on the farm. She’s found her way on to a paid gig writing Lawgarithms for Follows a few other gigs.

Denise Howell here, taking the wysiwyg editor out for a spin and inaugurating my new blog here at ZDNet.  This, I’ve got to tell you, is a pretty sweet gig.  They’re letting me muse about interesting, important, and frequently cutting edge technology-related legal issues — in quite extraordinary company, no less — and as I understand it, I’m actually to get paid for the privilege.  Dan’s really going to have to rethink the ZDNet business model; if he’d played his cards right he almost certainly could have gotten me to pay him.

And if you follow Denise, you’ll find her discussions with and about Doc Searls, Dave Winer, Mark Canter, and Steve Gillmor are far, far beyond the scope of usual law blogging.

Denise is an innovator covering new technology and networking with other innovators. Those of us who may have tried to get her involved in projects involving the legal industry were a little handicapped. We were dealing with lawyers. A non-innovative breed.

Congrats for the recent gigs Denise. Expect to see you on panels at leading tech conferences and regularly cited by A-list bloggers.

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