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Blogs really do have an impact

Living proof for me that blogs have an impact is ‘Snakes on a Plane.’

I couldn’t figure out why the all the ads for the movie on TV and at Yahoo. Seemed strange to advertise so heavily for what I thought was a movie now coming out for home viewing on DVD. You see I thought the movie was in the theaters months ago.

Was I just nuts? Nope. Just heavily influenced by months of blog discussion about the movie on blogs typically discussing the law, marketing or technology.

Anil Dash cited Kurt Loder at MTV’s site for the blogosphere’s influence as evidenced by ‘Snakes:’

There’s no way to separate the experience of actually seeing ‘Snakes on a Plane’ from the year-long carnival of Internet anticipation that preceded it: the fake trailers, the viral videos, the posters, the songs, the T-shirts. God, it’s been fun.

Amazing. Or maybe I’m just stupid.

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