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Windows Live Writer gets thumbs up from GigaOM

Seeing this positive initial review from Om Malik, PC users may want to give Windows Live Writer a try.

Mac-happy bloggers often use either Ecto or by Mars Edit as their desktop blogging client. Given that those two products are pretty close to perfection, we are unlikely to switch to another client. Windows PC users, on the other hand have had to choose from w.Bloggar, Qumana or some similar tool. And they all keep searching for a better one.

Today they got one: Microsoft Windows Writer, a WYSIWYG tool that only after a few minutes of use (thanks to this new set-up) seems to be pretty good.

…It is very clean interface, and still retains some of the ‘Microsoft Word’ features that would make it attractive to a larger mainstream audience. …It supports quite a few blogging platforms, and also offers newbie users an option to sign for Live Spaces……It is not often, I say good things about Microsoft products, but with this free-blogging tool, I have to say: write on!

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