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Journalism is an everyday thing

Citing Doc Searles, Dave Winer says journalism will become an everyday thing practiced by people as well as professionals.

I’ve recommended to every journalism professor I meet that they expand their scope. Instead of only teaching journalism as a profession, they should think of journalism as a basic requirement for a good education. It’s a skill they should be teaching everyone who gets a bachelor’s degree, from now on. Think of it this way, we’ve had microprocessors, now it’s time for microjournalism. Think small picture, not big.

As non journalism professionals, we have the opportunity, if not the obligation, to report on our experiences within our profession. Look at the plusses.

  • Advancement of knowledge by contributions from practicing professionals in addition to those in academia.
  • Reporting on those things the traditional would not have the bandwidth or expertise to handle.
  • Practical information and insight for law people.

And as a result of our contributions we enhance our reputations and grow our businesses.

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