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In the same post that references recent law school grad Ian Best’s passion for blogging and the Wall Street Journal lauding him for showing large law firm associates how valuable blogging is, we get this from Ian.

I should add, however, in the interests of pragmatic realism, that I will NOT be blogging if it becomes a hinderance to job-seeking. I can fully comprehend the reasons why law firms or government agencies would reject any blogging by their employees. If I am asked to discontinue blogging for the sake of receiving employment, I will do so. Professionalism requires a healthy understanding of priorities.

A law firm with some foresight ought to grab Ian before it’s too late. Not only does this kid got the academic creds, but he understands where blogs are taking lawyers and law firms. Law grads like him are few and far between. If LexBlog could land Ian, we’d do so in a New York minute. And we’d have him blogging the day away.

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