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Seth with Guy : Getting data for no reason just drives you crazy

From Seth Godin in response to Guy Kawasaki’s question as to why Seth doesn’t check his blog’s Technorati ranking:

Because the data won’t change my actions. Getting data for no good reason just drives you crazy. The secret is to get very flexible in the face of data you care about—changing your x every time you see y changes—and incredibly inflexible in the face of data you don’t care about.

The reason I write is to have an impact. I measure that impact in the email I get and the way it impacts people’s actions. Even if 100 people a day read my blog, I’d write the same stuff.

I’m using that when the next client asks about their blog traffic stats. It’s almost 6 PM, so it won’t be until tomorrow.

If 100 people read your blog and they’re in your target audience, that’s great. If 100 people read your blog and a few of them cite you on their blog, that’s great. If 100 people read your blog and you get more work, that’s great.

Checking web stats everyday will just drive you crazy. Measure your impact on the way you impact people’s actions.

And I’ll take it back. Guy’s blog is dam good. His interview with Seth is just one in a series of excellent posts. Add him to your feeds.

And stats Guy? Maybe that comes from being a hockey fan. I think that’s the only sport where you can get a point for losing. ;)

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