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Research papers on blogging : Blogs big in journalism and mass communication university programs

Constantin Basturea shares a treasure trove of research papers on blogging. They’re the blog-related papers to be presented 89th Convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), to be held on San Francisco on August 2-5, 2006.

Here’s what’s available by attending and as Constantin suggests, hopefully the big PR firms and AEJMC will partner to form a depository to get the papers posted online.

  • Credibility and the Uses of Blogs Among Professionals in the Communication Industry • Kaye Trammell, Lance Porter, Deborah Chung and Eunseong Kim, Louisiana State
  • Roles and Blogs in Public Relations • Lance V. Porter, Kaye D. Trammell, Louisiana State University and Deborah Chung, University of Kentucky
  • Impact of Blogs on Relationship Management during a Crisis • Kaye D. Trammell, University of Georgia and Emily Metzgar, Louisiana State University
  • Revisiting the Issue of Blog Credibility: A National Survey • Stephen Banning, Bradley and Kaye Trammell, Louisiana State
  • The Source Cycle: Intermedia Agenda-Setting Between the Traditional Media and Weblogs • Marcus Messner and Marcia Watson, Miami
  • An Experiment Testing the Agenda-Setting Effect of Blogs • Kaye Trammell, Louisiana State
  • Uses and Gratifications in the Blogosphere: Identifying Motives, Antecedents, and Outcomes of Weblog • Trent Seltzer and Michael Mitrook, University of Florida
  • Women in the Blogosphere: Access, Practices, and Gender Politics • Dustin Harp, University of Texas at Austin and Sandra L. Nichols, Towson University and Mark Tremayne, University of Texas at Austin and Tina Castronovo, Towson University
  • Blogging 101: Issues and Approaches to Teaching Blog Management in Public Relations Courses • Richard D. Waters and Jennifer A. Robinson, University of Florida
  • Believing Blogs? Examining the Influence of Gender Cues on Credibility • Cory Armstrong and Melinda McAdams, University of Florida
  • Blog Ads Revisited: A Follow-Up Analysis of Advertising on Weblogs • Daniel M. Haygood and Amanda L. Miller, University of Tennessee and Cassandra Imfeld, SunTrust Bank
  • Blogs in the Media Conversation: The Knowledge Factor in the Diffusion Process • Nanette Hogg, Carol Lomicky, Ruth Brown and Syed Hossain, Nebraska-Kearney
  • Pioneers in the Blogosphere: Profiling the Early Adopters of Weblogs • Byeng-Hee Chang and Trent Seltzer, Florida
  • Blogging for Better Health: Putting the ‘Public’ Back in Public Health • S. Shyam Sundar, Heidi Hatfield Edwards, Yifeng Hu and Carmen Stavrositu, Penn State
  • Personal journalism before blogs (anc! before ‘zines): The ‘amateur press’ or ‘amateur journalism’ since 1786 • Dane S. Claussen, Point Park University
  • Somebody’s Got to Do It: How Three Editors Explain to the Public • Neil Nemeth, Purdue – Calumet
  • Invoking Privilege Since Branzburg: Are Bloggers Like Other Non-Traditional Journalists? • Jason Shepard, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • The WMD coverage of blogs and mainstream media: a comparison of two media types • Jue Kook Lee and Jaekwan Jeong, University of Texas, Austin
  • Something Ventured, Something Gained: Moderating Impact of Blogs on Political Activity • Daekyung Kim and Thomas Johnson, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and Barbara K. Kaye, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Truth and Transparency: Bloggers’ Challenge to Professional Autonomy in Defining and Enacting Two Journalistic Norms • Jane B. Singer, University of Iowa

Treasure trove is right. Thanks Constantin.

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