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Zen of business blogging

The Freshbooks Blog posts about the Zen of business blogging.

The essence of the post is that under Zen it is possible to become enlightened in a single moment, without years of training, based on even a single interaction with the right teacher – point being that

what’s happens when someone ‘gets’ what blogs are, and sees what they can do for a solo practitioner or small business.

The Five Principles that need to click:

  • Focus: Pick a well-defined area of focus, an area in which you have an abiding interest and an area where you at least have the desire to become an expert, if you are not already. Don’t stray into politics on your caterer’s blog, or talk about your kids on your legal blog. Focus. 
  • Consistency: Writing frequently is better than infrequently, but whatever frequency seems doable after some experimentation, stick with it.
  • Look Outward: There’s a lot of stuff out there on nearly every topic. As you are on your own personal journey of discovery, collect the signposts and recommendations you discover, and share them.
  • Look Within: What you think and feel matters. Getting across why you, personally, care deeply about some topic is the single most important way to connect with people on a personal level.
  • Conversation: Once you connect with people, they will want to connect with you. They will want to comment on your posts. They will ask you questions, or challenge your assumptions and conclusions. Get into the mix and respond.

My goal is not to provide LexBlog’s customers with a great blog publishing platform, design, and search engine performance. That’s not enough. My goal is to get our clients to say ‘I get it, I get this blogging thing.’ Do that and I will have empowered an army of lawyers reaching out to people, talking with them and making a meaningful difference. By giving in this way, these lawyers are going see their reputation enhanced and their business grow.

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