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Law review submissions: Big changes over next few years

Dan Solove’s posts an excellent resource on law review article submissions.

Make note of how law review articles are submitted and published today. As certain as the sunrise tomorrow, that’s going to change big time.

Here’s just some of what we can expect from many law reviews in the next few years.

  • Lawyers and academics not recognized by prior writings will publish electronically via blogs and have their content accepted by law reviews.
  • Law reviews will be published in blog format so as to accept immediate commentary both on the blog itself and via commentary on other blogs.
  • Law reviews will be aggregations of content streaming from other blogs via RSS.
  • Trend toward shorter articles will continue as law reviews’ target audience gets more information from more sources.
  • Articles will be published more often as the audience will not wait for outdated law and analysis previously discussed on blogs.
  • Articles will regularly cite other blogs.

The impact on law reviews will be very positive. More people will read and make use of law review content. Content will be peer reviewed quickly and on a broader scale via blog commentary. And for law schools, the cost of production and distribution will decline dramatically.

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