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What to blog on?

Ted Demopoulos, co-author of Blogging for Business, answers the question ‘What to blog on?

Don’t make every post, ‘buy something from me.’ Start out with who you are, and why you enjoy what you’re doing. THAT is the key, is to make what you do sound interesting and exciting for you. Folks aren’t going to want to do business with a dour old duck! You have to exhibit your enthusiasm for your business. Your excitement will excite your customers.

Speak (through your writing) casually. This isn’t a textbook; it’s a conversation. You aren’t trying to force someone to buy something from you; you are explaining the benefits of your knowledge and enthusiasm………Let folks get to know you through your blog, and they’ll want to do business with you.

Bottom line, be yourself. Even when sharing information and insight for your target audience, let your hair down. People like doing business with people they enjoy. And there’s no way to begin to enjoy someone who’s a stuffed shirt.

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