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What happens when you take a side on your blog?

Nathan Burke asks “What happens when your firm takes a side?

Most companies try to stay as neutral as possible. Their approach is: ‘Since we want everyone in the world to be a client, let’s not alienate anyone.’ And to accomplish that, they simply say nothing. And that makes sense…….So here’s the question: Is it better to not take a position on any issue and hope that no one will hate you….or is it better to take a stance and know that people on your side will love you and some people on the other side will hate you?

Large firms are not going to be able to take positions other than as advocates for a client. And even that can get dicey if the issue at hand is too controversial.

When it comes to blogs, those willing to take a stand are going to get known. I am not saying to take a stand on something unrelated to your practice. Talk about abortion or euthanasia on your IP law blog and you’ll not only lose a few clients but you’ll have your audience wondering what the heck you are doing. But perhaps taking a stand on net neutrality – for or agin – on a tech or telecommunications law blog could attract an audience, enhance your reputation, and bring work.

Sometimes it’s time to take a stand in life. Lawyers have traditionally lead local political causes and been held in high esteem for it. I know you guys in large firms are chilled from so on blogs. This is where lawyers in smaller firms can shine in the blogging community.

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