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Technorati : Ten questions with David Sifry

Guy Kawasaki has an interesting post from a recent interview with David Sifry, CEO and founder of Technorati.

Though no winner’s been declared in the RSS aggregation space, Technorati’s the leader on the backstretch. To stay up with RSS feeds, you need to use it. This interview, definitely worth a read, covers blogging tips, how Technorati works, and what Technorati is doing to fix bugs in its system.

Guy’s blog which started out a rehash of some of his books is coming into it’s own. Guy works at getting better at writing as much as anyone. You can tell he is adapting to the blog style and becoming a very worthwhile addition to your feeds.

Now the question for Guy. Did David’s proposed valuation turn off an investment by Garage? Maybe it’s too large an investment for Garage. Tehnorati is growing too fast (100,000 new feeds added daily) to survive as valuable service without the infusion of significant capital.

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