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Send’em away to keep’em coming back

Dave Winer’s going to stick with Rocketboom in Amanda Congdon’s absence because “Rocketboom adopted the principle of sending them away to get them to come back, and it did it with style and panache…”

Bloggers should heed Dave’s post to make their blog more valuable to users. Don’t be afraid to send your target audience to what you believe would interest them. They find enough of interest thereby and they’ll keep coming back to you to find more.

Many bloggers, especially lawyers, want their blog to be all about them. I am not referring to bloggers talking about themselves, of which there are many, but of those who just blog about legal case summaries, legal news, and advice. That’s not enough.

A big aspect of blogging is about sending people to commentators and information sources you find of value. Sure, it may be a potential competitor. That’s okay. There’s enough work to go around. By blogging the right way, you’ll pick up an audience and more work than you had before.

I know it’s tough not acting like other lawyers. Try it. You may like it.

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