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Passion powerful marketing tool

Passion is a powerful marketing tool writes John Jantsch at Duct Tape marketing Blog.

So stop right now and take a good hard look at what you. Ask yourself this question. What about your business, your industry, your product, your customers would provide you with a passionate desire to throw yourself into your work? Ask youself an even harder question? What are you willing to give up in order to have a business that serves your life? Then, decide to change what you are doing right now or to change your mind set about what your are doing right now to include, accept, develop a love for your business.

Virtually every day, I can’t wait to get to the office and start working for our clients and talking to prospects. Beats the heck of a working for a living. Sure, there’s stuff I need to do that I hate doing but that’s part of everything we do. I like being with the family at home but can’t say I dig taking out the garbage.

Blogging may be the best vehicle for lawyers and other professionals looking to tap into their passion and grow their business thereby. Not only does business grow, but the growth is in the area who most enjoy and with the clients/customers you most want to work with. Passion displayed on your blog attracts this work. People want to work with passionate people.

Hundreds of LexBlog clients and I are living proof of this concept. We’re not tech marketing gurus. Blogs have given us a medium to write what we’re passionate about. We then meet thousands of people, some who tell others about us and others who become clients. Ain’t bad.

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