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RSS subscription info in FeedBurner stats

Neville Hobson’s got a nice post about the RSS subscription info in FeedBurner stats.

The info includes how many people subscribe to your RSS feeds and which RSS reader they use. Also some nice graphs and charts laying things out.

LexBlog is using FeedBurner for the administration of our client’s RSS feeds for our new blogs. Not only is the above info going to be available, but we’ll also be able to provide some additional branding features identifying our client publisher in the RSS feed.

Spoke with Rick Klau, VP of Business Development at FeedBurner, at Gnomedex. They are growing big time. Correct me if I am wrong Rick, but I believe you said FeedBurner is adding about 1,200 new RSS feeds from 800 to 1,000 new publishers a day. And they have some new offerings in the works which will allow companies like LexBlog to enhance their offering.

Kudo’s to UI and design folks at FeedBurner. Much easier to follow. Looks like the guys at 37signals did it. ;)

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