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NPR benefits from podcasting

From Alicia Dorset at Blog Works, NPR is benefiting big time from podcasting.

National Public Radio gets it.

NPR has seen continuing growth in its new-media categories thanks in large part to podcasting, according to a figure reported by Advertising Age today.

‘Revenue from new-media operations accounts for around 10 percent of the total but is likely to grow as a portion of the whole pie,’ Claire Atkinson reported. ‘ One of NPR’s most successful new business models is its podcasts, which launched just nine months ago. Automaker Acura was a founding sponsor of NPR’s podcasts and just renewed for another six months.’

Recently, NPR launched a new podcasting series called alt.NPR with a younger focus on today’s society. Podcasts are geared toward video games, 20-somethings and younger-adult culture. NPR also has programming with Sirius Satellite Radio and is developing other new-media deals for its content, such as providing shows to mobile telephone users.

I agree with Alecia wholeheartedly when she says,

For an organization that could have shyed away from podcasting, it’s refreshing to see NPR not only use it, but use it successfully and creatively to keep listeners and continually add new ones everyday. For fans, who have been the backbone for the past three decades, podcasting is a great way to increase avenues in which they take their information from NPR.

For law firms and other professional services businesses, podcasts will offer good opportunities so long as the public listens to more and more podcasts and so long as the firms’ podcasts are professionally done.

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