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Bloggers making whoopee

Commenting on bloggers having more fun than journalists, William Powers in the National Journal has the following to say in an article entitled ‘Making Whoopee.’

Is anyone in journalism having fun any more?……We talk about the difference between bloggers and mainstreamers as if it were just a matter of attitude: Bloggers have pluck. But the more important difference may be that while mainstreamers cry in their beer — or their herbal tea — about the sorry state of journalism, those troublemaking bloggers are, in the finest tradition of hackdom, simply having a blast.

BL Ochman, my source for this post nails the reason for bloggers having more fun.

…[W]e don’t have editors, we can tell you what we think instead of pretending we don’t have opinions, most of us can work in our pajamas if we want to, and we don’t have to worry about being politically correct.

Still remember the first time the media wanted to speak with me while I was a VP at LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell. Had to be coordinated with PR & Communications head who got me and two other officers on a conference call that lasted 5 minutes. After Martindale heard what I said, they never allowed me to speak to the media for my remaining 18 months.

Blogs free us from this type of censorship – and that’s fun. And in the long run much better off for the corporation or publisher.

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