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21% of execs read business blogs at least once a week

21% of senior executives reports are reading business-related blogs at least once a week. This per a 2006 State of Corporate Blogging Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Makovsky + Company, one of the largest global independent public relations firms in the U.S. Here’s a pdf file of the report.

Strange thing is Kenneth D. Makovsky blogs the finding’s as demonstrating that corporate executives are slow to adopt to corporate blogs. I look at the world as a glass half full, not half empty.

21% of corporate exec’s reading blogs is a big deal. And it’s unlikely they’re reading teenage diary blogs. The execs are obviously finding valuable information and insight not available elsewhere. The execs are reading blogs to stay ahead of their competition because of the timely info in blogs.

Other highlights from the survey:

  • Vast majority (96%) of Fortune 1000 senior executives have some familiarity with blogs.
  • 30% report that they have a thorough understanding of the term ‘Internet blog.’
  • 15% of the Fortune 1000 executives report that someone in their organization is currently writing a blog related to the company or its activities.
  • Only 3% of execs say their company has changed its products, services or policies because of publicity generated by a blog written about it.

Good stuff to talk about in presentation in Phoenix today.

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