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5 keys to pay per click advertising

Brian Clark at Copyblogger shares 5 keys to pay per click advertising.

  • Build a ultra-specific page to send the search traffic to, called a landing page. Depending on the variety of key words you are bidding on, you may even build several landing pages that each narrowly address the specific needs of that searcher.
  • Use only ‘search’ pay for click. Do not participate in contextual advertising programs on publisher sites. You want people who are actively looking for what you are offering.
  • The landing page does not sell your product or service. You instead offer a quality free resource –- a mini-course, ebook, teleseminar, or other type of tutorial that is directly related to what you are ultimately selling.
  • Whatever your free offer, it must be delivered by an email or RSS autoresponder that allows you to stay in contact with the prospect.
  • Explicitly inform your prospects that in addition to the free resource you are offering, they will also be receiving your email newsletter / blog updates.

There’s some low hanging fruit in pay for click advertising. Depending on how focused you can be by locale and service, you may find the competition minimal. Plus the prices can be very reasonable – much more so than yellow pages advertising traditionally used by lawyers.

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