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TalkLeft is four years old : Way to go Jeralyn Merritt

Happy Birthday to Attorney Jeralyn Merritt’s TalkLeft blog which turned four years old yesterday.

13 million plus visitors, 22 million plus page views, 14,500 entries and 192,000 comments ain’t chopped liver baby.

Jeralyn is one heck of a lawyer with a passion on criminal defense and political (notwithstanding which side you’re on) issues to kill for. I started watching Jeralyn’s television commentary on trial law issues in the 90’s, met her during my short tenure at Martindale-Hubbell as she was on the company’s advisory board and have been watching her citizen journalism ever since.

Men may be dominating law firm management but women like Jeralyn and Denise Howell, blogging for 4 1/2 years, have been pioneers on the legal blogging front.