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Gawker takes swipe at Moveable Type

What does Gawker think of Moveable Type? Here’s their job posting at looking for a MT expert

We always thought that it would be an advantage to Gawker to use Movable Type as a publishing platform. A host of plug-ins to provide additional functionality, and a community of developers to tap. Well, in practice, the plug-ins have been the bane of our existence: some are incompatible, others resource hogs. And the great community of MT developers is more impressive in theory than in practice. Gawker’s scouting for a couple of MT experts in NYC right now. Without much success. Six Apart doesn’t have a directory of MT-savvy developers, and the forums aren’t much help either.

Gawker should know better. MT works pretty well. You just have to be smart enough to employ a talented developer who can develop plugins and run a network of blogs with some foresight and planning. LexBlog has had great success with MT and their developers such as Jay Allen.

Sure, there have been a few challenges but that’s to be expected with software. Consumers have a right to expect to expect an off the shelf ready to go solution. That’s TypePad or Blogger. But a publishing company such as Gawker should be prepared to do limited programming and development to get things working to their satisfaction.

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