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Conglomerate Blog joins voices of frustration with Technorati

Gordon Smith over at the Conglomerate Blog, a group blog from law school professors, has joined me in his frustration with Technorati. Seems the number of incoming links has been eratic.

As lawyers, we expect things to be precise. I also want things to be precise when they effect hundreds of our blogging lawyer clients. However, somethings just do not operate that way. One of them is the science of aggregating and indexing 40 million RSS feeds. And with a new blog being created more often than once a minute, things ain’t getting easier.

Technorati had tougher times last summer when their servers were slammed. They recovered. And over the last year I have seen a lot of positives from David Sifry and his company. Technorati is being used by a lot of people despite its imperfections, presumably because of many of the good things it is doing. In addition, it’s attracting some good partners like Edelman and the AP.

We can be frustrated, but let’s not nail them to the cross yet.

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