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Sun and Microsoft bloggers meet for lunch

Blogging is making for some positive networking not likely to have occurred before. Read Scoble’s post on his lunch with Jonathon Schwartz, newly appointed CEO of Sun Microsystems. Note that Schwartz invited him.

Common knowledge to most that Robert Scoble is one of the most prolific bloggers and led Microsoft’s effort on corporate blogging. Schwartz has been a shining star in the land of corporate blogging. He may be the first CEO of a major corporation that’s blogging. Also well known is Sun’s and Microsoft’s well publicized animosity during the Antitrust prosecution.

Now we have Scoble sharing Schwartz’ insight on positive corporate leadership, reduction in power consumption, growth of content around the world. And best of all, look at the goodwill Schwartz creates for Sun via Scoble’s comments.

He won me over. I’ve met a few CEOs over the years and a lot of them just want to tell me their point of view. Jonathan was noticeably different: he asked ME questions about how I looked at the world. He was curious, personable, someone I could see drinking a lot of beer with and still remaining friends with…..

Next time Jonathan, you gotta come up to Microsoft and I’ll buy lunch and let’s take the relationship further.

I’m waiting for my invite from Michael Walsh, President-CEO of LexisNexis US Legal or Brian H. Hall, President & Chief Executive Officer, Thomson Legal & Regulatory.

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