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The number one rule of niche blogging for lawyers and professional service providers

Brian Clark at Copyblogger, also a serial entrepreneur and former practicing lawyer, brings us the number one rule of niche marketing: “The more people who think you’re crazy, the more likely you’re on the right track.”

Here’s the deal — in a long tail and short tail world, the vast majority of people are not going to ‘get’ what you’re doing. In fact, that’s the key requirement.

This Bud’s to you Brian. People asked me what I was drinking when in early ’04 I changed my message from effective Internet marketing for the legal profession to why lawyers and law firms should use blogs for marketing.

The best blogs are focused on a niche to a fault. Lawyers and professional service providers starting blogs should be as niche focused possible.

For a lawyer doing divorce and family law work, why not a Florida Child Support Law Blog, better yet a Miami Child Support Blog, as opposed to a Florida Family Law Blog? The about section of your blog will still say you handle all aspects of family law and divorce matters. You’ll get 4 times the exposure as an expert on child support issues in the blogosphere, in offline media (mass and trade) and in speaking engagements.

Preaching on a niche focus, Evan Williams, co-founder of the company that brought us Blogger and now CEO of Odeo, says “There’s a resistance to focusing from a fear of being trivial.” Fear not!

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